Lissadee is lifestyle company, curated of creative people from marketing, brand development and design areas. We breathe strategy, quality design, art and other elements that help keep your brand connected by delivering authentic campaigns with compelling content.  


Marketing Consulting

Just like people, brands come in all shapes and sizes. They are different ages, with different backgrounds, and compiled of various resources. With expansive creative experience in brand development, digital strategy and photography, Lissadee can develop and implement marketing strategies to grow your brand to meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace. We'll audit your existing brand and provide a plan on how to work with you to help maximize your company's exposure and drive new leads. 



Lissadee can help your company close the digital gap through: 

  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Blogging
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Content Creation 

Interior Design Assistance

Are there spaces in your home that could use some love? Or are you an interior designer who could benefit from professional assistance? Lissadee is available to provide support to interior designers who need smart, efficient, and aesthetically-driven people in their corner. From creating design boards and room layouts, to providing source lists (with links) and research and development for inspiration on how to impact spaces for better living. Lissadee helps your team from concept through production.


Resources for Purchase

Contact Lissadee to request this custom media kit to pitch brands and inquire about partner collaborations. This media kit template provides a guideline to follow and ability to customize the presentation to fit your presence.

COST: $150.00

Contact Lissadee to request this custom pdf on social media and blogging guide to plan your digital strategy. From goal planning to content worksheets, this guide will be your organized solution to support your online needs. 

COST: $150.00


Contact Lissadee to get your custom digital audit for your business with five actionable tips you can implement right away. We'll provide recommendations and share insights to bring your brand to the next level online. We'll analyze your website, social media, blog and any other digital platforms. 


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