Influencer and Brand Studio

We support influencers and bloggers through business strategy, content creation and management of brand partnerships. With over 10 years experience in corporate marketing, social media strategy, and photography, we can help you get the most return on your online presence. 


Nourish.Move.Love came to Lissadee with the need of a brand photography her blog. The conversation evolved into imagery and assets for blog posts and Instagram feed. Lissadee worked with Nourish.Move.Love to provide a consistent look and feel her brand while consulting on strategy in each brand session. Together, Lissadee and Nourish.Move.Love were able to create content that was authentic and relatable to her community.



Projects in Person officially launch in December of 2016 and Lissadee worked with owner, Jill Miller, on imagery to support the new brand. It's important to get a mix of environment, workshops, projects and personality of the brand. Located in Hopkins, MN - this new workshop is for all those projects you wish you could do on your own. With Jill's teaching background there are #NoPinterestFails at PIP. 



Construction2Style came to Lissadee with the need of fresh and relevant imagery for their brand. They would use this imagery across their blog, social media and website. Lissadee collaborated with Construction2Style to plan brand sessions to establish the image and aesthetic across their channels. Through consistent imagery, the brand is able to build relationships, foster engagement and create a memorable visual experience.